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2006 “ Sharp ,Cano and Sky at My Own Gallery” (live painting)            Milan  (Italy)


2006 "My Name Is" (live painting) at Triennale Bovisa                           Milan  (Italy) 


2006 M.O.R.E. gold fair (installation)                                                      Milan  (Italy)


2007 "Street Art Sweet Art" (collective) P.A.C.                                        Milan  (Italy)


2007 Arte Fiera Parma (fair)                                                                    Parma (Italy)


2007 Avant Garden Gallery  ( personal)                                                  Milan (Italy)


2007 Decontamination (collective)                                                          Milan (Italy)


2007 Muralia  (live painting)                                                                    Benevento (Italy)


2008 Museo Paolo V (collettive)                                                              Benevento (Italy)


2008 M.A.C. (collective)                                                                           Sao Paulo (Brazil)


2008 Chesa Violeta (private collection)                                                        S. Moritz (Swizzerland)


2008 "Sold out" Event Art Show (collective)                                                Milan (Italy)


2008 Circolo Cultural Museo de la Recoleta (collective)                     Buenos Aires (Argentina)


2009 Syracuse University (retrospective)                                                  Firenze (Italy)


2010 Arte fiera Bergamo (fair)                                                                  Bergamo (Italy)


2010 "San Giorgio" (installation)                                                              Lago D'Orta (Italy)


2011 L’assassino (installation)                                                                  Milan (Italy)


2011 Biennale di Venezia Padiglione Italia                                               Venice (Italy)


2011 "White" for Audace brand (installation)                                            Milan (Italy)


2013 "OZ" Fetishism in Fashion line (installation)                                     Milan (Italy)


2014 "Abiti da lavoro" Triennale di Milano (collective)                               Milan (Italy)


2016 Anna Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery (collective)                       New York (USA)               

2016 Center Space of Columbia College (collective)                               Chicago (USA)


2017 C.D.I. (collective)                                                                        Montrèal (Canada) 


2017 Artport Gallery (collective)                                                          Toronto (Canada)      


2018  Mary Shelley Project (installation)                                                   Milan (Italy)


2018 "Cano in Bushwick" ( video installation)  Brooklyn, New Yor (USA)


2019  The Others (collective)                                                                Bergamo (Italy)


2020 "burning" (wall installation)                                                          Melegnano (Italy)


2020 "Draw your demons to kill them" ( wall installation)                        Paderno (Italy) 


2021 "Live from mars"                                                                              Milano (Italy)


2021 "Even a letter wants to be something" ( wall installation).             Paderno (Italy)  


2022 "Machina"                                                                                        Milano ( Italy)


2022 "Dragons"                                                                                         Milano (Italy(


2022 " Fear"                                                                                                Milano (Italy)


2023 "Naufraghi" Milano (Italy)










Born in Milan on the 30th September 1976, Cano attended an artistic high school and graduated from the Academy of Beaux-Arts of Brera. Besides studying, since his youth he has been doing street art, painting on walls, trains, platforms and tunnels of various metro stations in Milan. He started his career by realising works of scenography that were commissioned by several companies including IBM, Perugina, American Apparel; then he changed to canvas.
In 2006 he realised an action paint on canvas in collaboration with Sharp from New York exposed at 'My Own Gallery' in Milan. Of the same year is the installation for M.O.R.E., the Fiery of Gold in Milan. He also took part in an exhibition called 'My Name is' at the Triennale in Milan.
In 2007 he exposed his works at the Stand of Contemporary Art in occasion of the 'Street Art, Sweet Art' exhibition and at the Fiery of Art in Parma, as well as realising a personal exhibition at the AvantGarden Gallery in Milan. Another exhibition he took part into was ‘Decontamination’, located in a show room at the Nhow Hotel. During that very same year he also participated in ‘Muralia’ manifestation, promoted by the Municipality of Benevento, with a painting on wall; he designed a t-shirt for the 2007 collection of European brand of clothes Quicksilver, too.
One year later, in 2008, his works toured the Museum of Benevento (Paolo V Palace), the Brazilian ‘Museu de Arte Contemporânea’ in San Paolo and the 'Street Art' exhibition sponsored by the 'Circolo Cultural Recoleta' of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Two of his works were selected for 'Chesa Violeta' in St. Moritz. He painted a 4x4metre canvas for the 'Sold Out' ehibition in Limbiate (Milano).
In 2009 two others of his works were chosen for Giacomini collection. In the same year his paintings on wall were published in the legendary volume 'All City Writers', a work of reference for the metropolitan writing trend and the aerosol art and gave a speech at a conference at the Syracuse University in Florence.
Of 2010 it is worth remembering the exhibition at the Fiery of Art in Bergamo and a 40x90metre wall painting, commissioned by a collectionist.
A year later he designed the interiors of the historic Milanese restaurant ‘The killer’ and he did a paint performance on glass of 20 square meters for the brand ‘Audace’. He participated at the 54th edition of the Biennale in Venezia.
In 2013 he gave life to the ‘Oz Line’.
In 2014 he brought a new work from the ‘Oz Line’ to the ‘Abiti da lavoro’ exhibition at the Triennale in Milan. 
In 2016 he participated in the WORKWEAR collective with stylists of the caliber of Vivienne Westwood, Angela Missoni, Antonio Marras, Angelo Fiorucci and other high fashion names at the Anna Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery in New York City ,and at the Center Space Columbia College in Chicago .
In 2017 he exhibited at the C.D.I. Of Montreal and st the Artport Gallery in Toronto.
In the same year he was included in the economic insert of the evening courier among the 305 artists of 2017.
In 2018 he made the triptych "MARY SHELLEY PROJECT" work published in the Arti Life magazine. In the same year published the video "CANO IN BUSHWICK" directed by the director Fabrizio Conte, made in various parts of the Brooklyn neighborhood .New York
In 2019 he took part in the collective exhibition "The Others" at the Marelia Gallery in Beragamo(italy).

In 2020 cano makes two large wall installations with the municipalities of Melegnano and Paderno (Italy)




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